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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Castles In The Air

When Marcy Tilton opened another of her fun and generous contests, of course i wanted to enter! And as anyone who knows me would predict, i came up with about a million ideas. Not least because the rules require you to come up with ideas for using Japanese cottons and Italian linen - two of my most coveted fabrics on principle. They're both also uber-practical in the hot summers here which conspire to squelch my style. I got so worked up that i had to use pictures to get my ideas across, and i don't know how to do that on Facebook. Thus this post.

Kiru cotton - click here for details
So, my entry. First, i would love to make up this (vintage? definitely out of print) Issey Miyake for Vogue blouse design in a fabric as fabulous as the pattern itself. I've never cared much for this fabric, but the blouse design is so flattering, avant-garde, and timeless that it's starting to show wear. Imagine the various lines and shapes of the Kiru cotton interacting with the pleats and tucks and gathers.....there's a white blouse i could get into!

Cami top very loosely based on La Fred's Europa blouse. Thank you Fred.

This Butterick 4985 pattern is out of print
Rina cotton - click here for details
I wear these little cami-tops to death in the summer, here i show a couple versions. Sleeveless, lite colored, with various romantic trimmings and references, they take a skirt or capris someplace far away from the frozen yogurt and malls of suburban life, and closer to my style icon Ms. Karen Blixen. I'd like to make one up in this out of print Butterick pattern using the Rina cotton with black crochet trim. I love to hand embroider these cami-tops, on this version it would be so fun to pick out the feathery shapes with a cobwebby grey or dark dark inky blue (especially as i'm a birdwatcher). I can see enlarging one of those feathery shapes and embroidering it over top of the allover pattern in an asymmetrical position - or two.

You can see another cami top under this very faithful jean jacket.
Katherine Tilton's new design is so much fresher than my decrepit, but loyal, old piece! click here for details

Greengage Dot Linen - click for details
For lo these many summers, I've depended on this old Royal Robbins faded khaki jean jacket for sun protection without added warmth, and a place to put keys, credit cards etc. on walks and errands. As this jacket's loyal service reaches an end, or possibly exceeds it, i've been on the lookout for a stylish replacement.  When sister Katherine's new Butterick designs came out a few days ago i immediately saw the potential in B5891 - make it up in a linen, shorten the sleeves to elbow or 3/4 length and my needs are realized quite stylishly.  The Greengage Dot Linen would add the playfulness of dots, and the opportunity of using both sides will add that dash of panache i sorely need when trying to look pulled together when red and 'glowing'.

See how gorgeous!!!  Green Mansions Linen
I know it's not technically included in the contest. But i've been mesmerized by that Green Mansions digitally printed linen since it appeared on your site. It's a gorgeous rendition of one of my most completely joyful colorways, which is very rare to find and rarer still done so sumptuously. How glorious to have a couple yards to make into a jacket or overblouse! I have a dress in this colorway, i love to wear it and it always gets me compliments.

Thank you for reading! I always love daydreaming about fabrics, but this entering this contest has also given me a look at how i can fill some wardrobe holes in fresh, new ways. I'm already ahead!