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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Empire of the Wheel III: Roses and Wheels

Well, i read EOW: Friends From Sonora and enjoyed it so much that yesterday i ordered Empire of the Wheel III: The Nameless Ones. It downloaded to my android's Kindle App within seconds, i opened her up and started reading.

At the time i was seated at the dining room table, my base of operations here at the's where i eat, use my computer, and do all my sewing. (I'm sitting there right now!!!  ;)  The first section of EOW3 deals with a de facto shrine to Heckate found in the center of Riverside, CA. A rose garden in the center of town looks up towards a statue of three female figures on top of the courthouse. The central, standing figure is identified as Heckate by the presence of a six-spoked wheel at her feet. According to the author, roses are associated with Heckate.

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What activity did i interrupt to order EOW3? What was i continuing to do whilst jumping in and reading my new book?  I was hand stitching around some roses i stenciled on this linen which i've cut out to make a Riding Peplum, after the Party Dress i made from April Rhodes' pattern turned out so nicely.

Let's take a closer look at this ring, which i've worn daily for almost ten years now. Mr. E bought it for me at the Renaissance Faire from Benitez Jewelers. I can't recommend Benitez highly enough, they make gorgeous, well crafted, durable pieces which are absolutely unique. My ring features one of Benitez's trademark roses as well as a star sapphire. I took this picture to highlight the six point asterism, radiating like the spokes of a wheel.....asterisms are quite evocative and mysterious, as you can only see them in certain lights, when you know for what to look.

Kind of like a shrine to the ancient goddess of chaos and the underworld hiding in a bit of municipal mundanity. Once one's eyes open to the hidden, you'll find magic and meaning in the most quotidian of events.  I know that Walter Bosley, author of the EOW series along with his collaborator Richard Spence, has encountered numerous synchronicities while researching and writing these books. I am certain that i'm not the only reader who has encountered major synchronicities around these books as well, and i would love to hear about these from fellow EOW fans. But, as Mr. Bosley has sworn off discussing these topics in public (for understandable reasons), i don't anticipate that happening.

But it's certainly drawn my attention, and added immensely to the entertainment value of this series for me!