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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hi Mom! Guess Who?

hi - it turns out you're the only follower on this blog, which is a good thing right now - someone forgot his cell we are at Green Gables without the cell i have been obsessing about the last five days........nerves show up in odd they have the internet here at the inn, and my yahoo e-mail address is

i don't have your new e-mail address committed to memory or i would've just sent you an e-mail, not done a blog post!
if you want to send me any e-mail - i'll check the yahoo account here as often as i can.  if you want to call they can put you thru to our room (you mite have to go thru some transferring around). They technically don't allow long-distance calls out of the inn, but the people here are very nice and said i can use the front desk fone to give you a jingle.

so the long and short of it is - send me an email at

and let me know if you just want to send an e-mail to update after your appt. on Thursday. if you want to call let me know about what time and i can set it up with 'the front desk'.  Holy Moly!!!  after this, i think i'm just going to set up a rookery of carrier pigeons for all my communications'd be less of a hassle  ; )

Green Gable #'s: 800-722-1774


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