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Friday, January 31, 2014

Valle Compares Religious Experience with Close Encounters

in honor of Adam Gorightly
Jacques Vallee's book Dimensions, part of his Contact Trilogy, explores the 'human' aspect of the ufo phenomenon. This includes everything from sociology through psychology to spirituality and religion. In Chapter Seven: "The Spiritual Component: A Morphology of Miracles" Vallee discusses the events at Fatima and Lourdes as well as Joseph Smith's early visions in comparison to the events associated with modern day contact with 'flying saucers' and their occupants.

Vallee concludes Chapter Seven with this chart, by perusing it you can get a fair idea of his argument.


  1. Indeed, we have barely scratched the surface on these correlations.

    Incidentally, right now there's still a religious community in the Mexican state of Michoacán called Nueva Jerusalén (New Jerusalem), which was founded in 1973 *bling bling bling bling bling!* after a woman claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary. The community has been a subject of deep controversy in recent years, and has also suffered rifts in their main leadership --shocking, I know ;)

  2. Thank you for reading sir!

    I hadn't heard anything about that New Jerusalem community, thank you for the tip off. Of course, living here in the SF Bay Area we have more than our fair share of non-standard groups. You'd think people would pay more attention to Valle after the Heaven's Gate horror, not only did he finger ufo cults generally but Bo and Peep specifically.

    The good news - you get to prove to everyone who's made fun of your Vallee obsession over the years that yes he knew precisely what he was talking about. The bad news - dead people : (

    Have a good one you!!!!!! steph